Standing in my corner

The breeze rustle of the small street, in the time flies in more and more exposed shy answer. The land after the renewal of everything is blooming in the hope of tenderness. The boundless blue sky, in the eyes of the distant extension of the clear. The fiery sunshine sprinkles on the earth, and the beautiful flowers open their arms in the sunshine, embracing the wisps of light and heat and enjoying the most treasured comfort In the most beautiful picture of all things growing, I am the smallest. I am a little woman, prefer this kind of quiet and leisure, stand in the small corner freely, draw the tomorrow of unknown figure with compasses. However, I think I am just temporarily away from the noise and gorgeous of the world, enjoying the long expected moment of indifference, re attentively aware of their own trajectory, vigorously inserted in the wings of flying, 100 fold but not back. Late at night, the moon, the rare meteor drags a small tail to cut through the silent sky, the desire in the heart becomes the most beautiful concern in the heart. Indeed, looking at the flashy and speeding cars along the way, I think of passing by with you. Maybe I am just a small passer-by in the journey of life, standing in my own corner, coming, walking, waving my sleeves, not taking a cloud away. The years of mellow luster are like quicksand slipping away quietly between fingers. If you can’t hold it tightly, you want to hold your hand, walk in the wind, listen to the sound of leaves falling, and taste the purity of flowers. Suddenly, looking back, wish is in the middle of the road, and care is in the middle of the road. Only time keeps confusing the road. In fact, every time I walk alone in the street, looking at the endless traffic and the bustling crowd, I can’t help comforting myself with a word. Every chance in my life is arranged by myself. Life is vast, a cup of fragrant green tea, a ray of sunshine in early summer, a classic good book, is enough for me to bear loneliness, sit quietly in a small corner, put down the dust in my heart, and experience the sweet silk after that cup of bitter coffee. In a flash, Fanghua has already passed the age of dreaming. She would like to stop in a place where she wants to have a rest, even if she only sees the simplest scenery, because contentment can make her happy, because contentment can make her meet. However, I always stand in a small corner and stare at the corner that belongs to me. Don’t want to be a passer-by eventually become a passer-by, don’t want to see the scenery finally see countless scenery – I still stand in the corner belonging to me, waiting for the wonderful belonging to me.

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